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Clarify Your Dreams. 

Communicate Your Vision. 

Seize Your Opportunities. 

Are you passionate about succeeding in your purpose, but not exactly sure how to get there? You're not alone. 


Briana Payton has always had a passion for purpose, which she defines as making the impact on the world that she was sent here to have. She spent her childhood and adolescence putting her best foot forward, and eventually she made it to Princeton University. For Briana, Princeton was both a momentous achievement and a stunning confrontation. Though she had arrived at this prestigious University, she still didn’t know what her purpose was, and how could she achieve a purpose if she didn’t know what it was? Fear of failure had a grip on her until she realized one thing: there is purpose in the present, and if she leaned fully into her journey in the moment, she would chart a beautiful path toward her ultimate destination. And she has. 


Throughout her education and early career, Briana has discovered her calling to social justice work through classes, activism, leadership, and professional opportunities. She has mastered the art of leveraging her authentic story to connect with competitive opportunities that have led her toward clarity in her calling. This has allowed her to earn full rides to college and grad school at top ranked universities, win numerous highly competitive fellowships and internships, and to eventually land her dream job in her field, making the impact on others she knows she was always made to have. Briana has found her unique path to purpose and is still writing her story. Now, she wants to help you write yours.


Briana offers individualized coaching and editing services help you clarify YOUR dreams, communicate YOUR vision, and seize YOUR opportunities. Your version of success does not have to mimic Briana's or anyone else's. It is unique to you and that's the best part about it. Her goal is to help you thrive in YOUR calling and to support you as you become: Successfully You.

Our Services

Consulting Services

•Goal Setting & Planning (Education and Early Career)

Preparing Competitive Applications

•Finding and Winning Scholarships

•Interview Preparation

•Brainstorming for Writing Projects

*Group Sessions and Speaking Engagements Available Upon Request


*$50 per one hour session. Editing and Consulting Package deals available.

Editing Services

•Application Essays (College, Grad School, Scholarships, etc)

•Resumes and Cover Letters

•Academic and Research Projects 

•Personal Writing Projects (blogs, books, etc)

•Digital communications (Newsletters, social media content, etc)


*Prices start at $25 and vary by length, type of project, and number of rounds of edits

What Our Clients Say

Ed Tadese


I asked Bri to edit my supplemental college essay. Her edits were truly helpful as she carefully went through each paragraph analyzing the details I tried to convey in order to best present myself to the school. By the time I had addressed all of her suggestions, I had a well written essay that I'm sure aided my application. I will be attending Northwestern University. 

Madeline Ziegler

Author and Law Student

Bri has provided writing consulting services to me for a variety of academic and professional pieces. She has consistently elevated my writing with her incredible eye for detail and catches errors I would  never notice! What sets Bri apart is how thoroughly she reads. She truly takes the time to consider how every piece of writing could be improved and delivers her feedback thoughtfully and professionally. 

Jessica Stephens


Briana has edited my blogs since the start of the year and I can honestly say that without Bri, some of those posts would still be in my queue! Bri has a way of understanding your words and where you're going and then finding a clearer path that you never knew existed. She literally executes clarity with ease. Additionally, Bri's edits are thorough yet non intrusive and nonjudgmental. Because of this, it makes it easier for me to freely put words on paper, knowing that I have an editor who can professionally parse through what I'm trying to convey effortlessly. 

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